New City, Old Friend…and a “Fenway” Run

by angierunsboston

Note: I just want to say thank you to all of my heroes of the day! You guys are the best!

There are two things I love in life:

1. Seeing old friends.

2. Running through a city.

This last weekend was a combination of those two things. First, one of my high school friends was in Beantown for a conference and therefore crashing on my couch – after all, what are high school friends for? And second, on his last day here, we decided to go to Fenway since he had never been there. Because the weather was nice (which is more rare during the school year than a winning Cleveland sports team), we decided we would run there.

This was my idea, and it seemed like a good idea, except I had forgotten what I had been up to that morning.

That Morning (Brian Honan 5K):

Every year, a group of my friends and I run the Brian Honan 5K, an annual race that supports the Brian J. Honan Charitable Fund. We do so because it’s fun, everyone gets a medal, and Harvard buys out 100 spots for students. Last year, we decided to take the bus to get to the race (“to save our legs,” according to my friend Jeanie), so we waited by the bus stop about 25 minutes before the race was to start.

And then we waited some more…and more…until it was twelve minutes before the race was supposed to start and we came to the conclusion that no bus was going to come.

What to do? Sprint to the start line, of course!

The start line is a little over 2 miles from the bus stop, and I was running with guys who had all been really good at cross-country in high school. As someone who never ran competitively in high school, the only thought running through my head was “run, Forrest, run!” for some reason (it’s a great movie, what can I say?). We made it to the start line in 15 minutes, after everyone had already started. We passed people who were walking left and right and continued sprinting until we finished the race, where we promptly plopped down on a curb to catch our breath.

While last year’s sprint-through-the-start certainly was memorable, my friend Jeanie vowed that this year would be different. So, on Sunday morning, we jogged to the race and got there 15 minutes in advance, stretched (because it’s good for you), and had a relatively uneventful 5K. Then, after a perfect “photo finish” (see photo below) and feeling like an Olympian with our finisher’s medals, we jogged back to campus for brunch.

One great reason to run? You get to have “photo finishes” like this one!

Back to 5 PM on Sunday:

“We could totally run to Fenway.”

Having been in physical therapy this summer and taking 6 weeks off from running completely, I sometimes forget that running everywhere might not be the best idea. But nevertheless, we did it! (and we also managed to run to the Public Gardens, Boston Common, and back).

Running to the Public Gardens is one of my favorite ways to see Boston; when my friends are in town, I usually offer to give them the grand tour…but only if they run with me!

The best part? They let us go on the field at Fenway! Don’t believe me? Check out the picture of my friend and I doing our best outfielder impression below.

After running to Fenway and being let in by chance, my high school friend and I got the chance to make believe that we were outfielders! (Oh, this was after we got to see Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Jason Varitek, and many other legends who were there to honor Johnny Pesky, for whom the Pesky Pole is named).

And then there’s this…

Best seat in the house 🙂

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted by 10 PM on Sunday… after a day of fun marathon training disguised as sightseeing. All in all, it was a double-digit miler of a day….Here’s to hoping I can keep it up for 26.2 miles!