My “Being a Good Citizen” Run

by angierunsboston

First: Thank you too all of my heroes of the day! You guys are making my day 🙂

Today I went on a run with my friend Sarah, who decided that she would drop off her voter registration during our run since we were going to be passing city hall anyway, thus proving my point that running is a perfectly practical mode of transportation (after all, running saves you the trouble of having to park, paying for public transit, or worrying about where to lock your bike).

Sarah is a good runner who qualified for the Boston Marathon last year by running the San Francisco marathon; I am just your average morning jogger, so I’m usually the one (lagging) behind when we run together. However, because it was Yom Kipur and she had been fasting since the previous day, I reasoned that I kind of stood a chance this time around (I take what I can get sometimes).

It was one of those nice, short enjoyable runs that just remind me how awesome it is that the human body can really get you almost anywhere you want to go without the help of machines. Even though it was less than the length of a 5K, it was the perfect start to my day and kept me from the half-way dozing off that sometimes occurs during lecture (not that any of us ever fall asleep in class, right?)

A nice day to be a good citizen!

Here’s to hoping I can keep it up for 26.2 miles!